"We do not stop exercising because we grow old - we grow old because we stop exercising."- Dr. Kenneth Cooper

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blog Intro and Lesson Intro

I really enjoyed doing my blog intro. The first time I did it in class I wasn't ready and it was a horrible misrepresentation of me. This time I showed what I enjoy doing in my free time and I felt I was on a more personable level. I thought my voice was loud enough and my body language was showing that I enjoy being active. My only critique would be that my video wasn't in sync with my audio. When I recorded the video the audio was fine, but when it was downloaded onto you tube it had a delay.

First off I would like to say that I did a lot better with my lesson than I did the first day. With this lesson I was ready to teach and I wasn't caught off guard with having to teach. I kept the cues short and simple. I did a good job with the demonstration and showed the lay up more than once. I was precise of how I wanted a right handed layup to be preformed. My hands and feet were part of the demonstration so I didn't fiddle with the "ball" in my hand. I kept my umms and ahhs to a minumum. I introduced myself and clearly stated what my signal for attention was. With the positive there is always room for improvement. My voice could have been a little louder and in my introduction and stating my signal for attention I could have slowed down my speech. At the end of my lesson I kind of checked for understanding, but I should have maybe said a safety statement and asked what my signal for attention was. If there was a next time, I would maybe show the left handed layup. If it was possible I would have liked to be changed and had an actual basketball. It would have been nice to demonstrate an actual layup too. I would have like to have talk about how the layup is one of the easiest ways to score a point in basketball and add some type of hook to my lesson. I was very pleased with my Lesson Intro.