"We do not stop exercising because we grow old - we grow old because we stop exercising."- Dr. Kenneth Cooper

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Teaching on Day 1 Review

During my lesson I did a good job of using visual cues. I broke down the forward pass with four steps. Hold at chest level, pull back at 90 degree angle with elbow up/point with opposite hand to target, step (weight transfer), and follow through with hand in the pocket. I showed what the correct grip to use and also explained if you were left handed what position would look like. I checked for understanding by asking if there was any questions. I did a good job of walking around and providing corrective feedback.

I need to work on not saying umm and ahh so much in between my sentances. I also should have brought the group in closer especially since it was loud in the gym. I should have asked for a volunteer to help me demonstrate the pass. I also shouldn't have been flustered by the question ask of how the ball should leave the fingers to get a spiral. I should have been confident with my teaching skills and not try to think if I was wrong when the question was asked.

I will be more confident if I don't say umm. I know the material and once I start talking I am fine, it is just the transitions into other cues or activities that make me say that. If I would have planned the lesson I would have definitely asked for a volunteer and would have been more clear on the cues. I should also stick to my cues and be ready for any question. If I can do these things I will become a better teacher.

Day 3

The day started off with a quiz of everyone's name and song from the last class. I got everyone right off the bat except for one girl. I remembered her song, but I couldn't remember her name. Next class I am going to ask her. After that Professor Yang had everyone do the greeting of everyone's own blog. Also say what you believe in  as a physical educator. I wish I had more time to think because I wasn't ready and I'm glad I can do it over later. Then everyone got into groups of 2 or 3 and experimented with using different types of contact points with their partner or partners. Some challenges were 1 hand and two feet, two hands and 1 foot, and many others. then we got in groups of 4 and did the same thing. Luckily most people have had adventure activities and weren't too uncomfortable with getting in each others personal space. Then at the end of class everyone tried to fit in a small square and it didn't take long to complete the task. Everyone fit in and then Regina climbed on top of everyone for all of us to become successful.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 2

Today was better than the first day. I came ready to participate in activities and was excited to see what was on today's agenda. First activity we did was a name game, but with a twist. Instead of an action we did a part from our favorite song. This was designed to bring everyone out of their comfort zone and have everyone introduce themselves to the class. The song was also another bonus that help us remember the person's name so we could connect the person's song to their name. After that Mr. Murphy with the help of Mr. Wingler introduced Xavier the Penguin to the class. The court was split up into four different quadrants with two hula hoops in each quadrant. There was two crawl tubes set up in two of the quadrants. The object of the game was to get all the balls from your quadrant to the other quadrant that was assigned to you. You had the opportunity to use the scooter once and pile on as many balls as you wanted while someone pulled you with a pool noodle. You could carry two small balls at once, but you had to crawl with the balls to get to the other side. You also had to crawl through tube if it was in your designated area. If you had a medium size ball you had to skip, gallop, or slide with the ball. If you had a medicine ball you had to bend over and carry the ball in between your legs over to the hula hoop. If you had a pill shape object you had to carry the pill with another person. After the first game a couple modifications were made. Some were you had to take the pill through the tube with the other person and you had to jog instead of skipping. There were point values designated to each ball, but we didn't bother counting up the balls. To further bring forward some education Mr. Murphy then told us that the layout of the gymnasium and the obstacles emulated the structure of the heart. The path the classes took serves as the bloodstream path and the balls represented different contents that would be in the bloodstream. Mr. Murphy did a fantastic job directing and teaching the class through this activity. His intensity and enthusiasm was something I would like to take away from his teaching style. All in all-Awesome class!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 1

The first day of 255 was very exciting. The only thing I didn't like was that I was wearing boots. I usually come prepared for classes, but with the rainy weather I forgot to bring sneakers. I definitely was caught off guard with having to teach the first day. I didn't mind teaching, but I realized I didn't clearly understand how I was teaching. I just got out of tactical and a couple other classes that had me teach so I felt pretty comfortable, but I thought I had to just teach how to teach a skill. I taught how to throw a football. I didn't realize that I had to do anything after speaking so I didn't like how I felt a little ridiculous when I thought I was done. I enjoyed the first class, it was a good way to meet the other students because I had different partners. I really liked the intensity and enthusiasm of the class setting and look forward of what else is to come.