"We do not stop exercising because we grow old - we grow old because we stop exercising."- Dr. Kenneth Cooper

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lab D Refelction

I was very excited to teach my lab D. The reason why was because the lesson was t be on yoga. I enjoy doing yoga and I like to get others hooked on the exercise. It is not only relaxing, but a workout as well and that was want I wanted to convey in my lesson. The lesson started off with a bang and I had everyone try some new yoga poses by having poly spots spread all over the studio for everyone to try. The instant activity was a great introduction on what I was going to teach that day. Some of the poses on the poly spots were poses we were going to go over that day. I kept the lesson upbeat with some techno music and hip hop to keep everyone engaged. The yoga poses were broken down into steps and everyone seemed to enjoy the slow progressions and amount of practice time. I adapted most poses for people that had trouble balancing their body weight or had an injury. Everyone enjoyed the all the feedback I gave them and  I promised I would get to everyone and I did. After everyone go the hang of all the poses we put everything to together and that’s where everyone started to realize why yoga is also a workout. I had everyone hold the poses for eight seconds. By the end of the whole vinyasa students were really feeling the burn. After a couple vinyasas I gave students the opportunity to try yoga on the Wii fit

The differences between lab c and d were that in lab c I didn’t give as much feedback and this time I gave feed back to everyone. Some people I gave feedback multiple times. My approach was a little more personal than command. In lab C I did a lot of ordering around and the class didn’t seem as fun. The positives were I broke down all the poses step by step, gave a lot of feedback and adaptations. I also had good visual aids and demonstrated poses in different angles. Had upbeat music and the Wii Fit. The negatives were I should have brought the speaker next to me so I didn’t have to run over to it every time I wanted to start or stop something. I forgot it was wireless. Also the Wii Fit’s batteries were dead so I should have brought some extra. All in all I thought it was a good lesson.

Also I only had 11 minutes out of my lesson on video tape so I didn't get to fully complete my assignments because it wasn't recorded.