"We do not stop exercising because we grow old - we grow old because we stop exercising."- Dr. Kenneth Cooper

Friday, May 14, 2010

Gino Part 1A

Where is the web-site from?  Where in the world?  Which country?  What city and state/province is the story from? This is a Canadian website/Canadian broadcasting channel. It is located North America in Canada. The city is Saskatoon in Saskatchewan.

What do you think about this news piece....interesting...why or why not? I think this a very great news piece, but it was disappointed to hear that there wasn’t a PE teacher being mentioned.There have been many studies that say that exercise stimulates the mind and it’s about time that it is more broadcasted. Many people do not realize how important physical activity is and this news piece was a great example of that. It is amazing how everyone’s skills improved over the course of four months.

Why don’t we hear anything about the PE teacher being involved with City Park Collegiate experiment? How will ensure that your PE program will be a benefit to the students and faculty of your school. The school probably didn’t have a strong program or the teacher in the classroom wouldn’t have had to take the initiative and put equipment in her classroom. I will teach the way we are taught to each and not throw out a couple balls and say have fun. I will keep my class active while making it fun and interesting. I will have a variety of activities that my students can participate in long after high school.

What are were the main outcomes/benefits of the program? Were you surprised from their findings? Are these outcomes similar to our New York State PE Standards?  Explain your answer by giving details and examples, while comparing and contrasting. Every student in the classroom improved. Especially Bernie who improved by 400% in comprehension. Many of the students were skeptical, but eventually many of the students couldn’t wait to exercise again. The teacher kept them active and that fulfilled standard one and the students had a couple options to pick from so they had the beginnings of a fitness plan which fulfills standard two. Standard three wasn’t fulfilled, but the classroom is not a physical education setting. I’m sure if a student asked the teacher where other places they could got to exercise she would have some answers.

What is BDNF and what does it have to do with PE and learning? How do you get BDNF or other associated goodies? What are the names of two of the “key” books and their authors that currently outline the benefits of exercise and learning/academics? At least one is mentioned in the news piece. BDNF is a protein that allows the brain to retain more information. BDNF is vital to learning, memory, and higher thinking. BDNF is released after extended periods of acitivty. The two books were Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain” by John J. Ratey and “Natures Ritalin for the Marathon Mind” by Stephen C. Putnam.