"We do not stop exercising because we grow old - we grow old because we stop exercising."- Dr. Kenneth Cooper

Friday, May 14, 2010

Gino Part 1C

What do your impressions of using Daily Burn;Do you currently use another form of online exercise and nutrition tracker? If so what is it and which features do you like better? If not, why not and will you consider staying apart of our Rockstar Group? Be sure to include your screen shots (at least 3) that you took and cropped.

This is a great website. I use to use another website that just track what I ate, but not my exercises. There is a lot more applications to use and there is a lot of food choices to pick from if you eat a lot of brand name foods. A cool thing was that you could use your Ipod phone to scan a food and it would transfer it to your log. I will definitely stay apart of the RockStar group and continue to use this website.

How would you use this website to accomplish our Recommended Regent’s Level for LS #1B? What modifications would you use to establish a group or individual’s goals?
I would tell my students to set a weight goal if they wanted to too, but I really want my students to be mindful of what they eat and if they are active. I know when I don’t see any exercise on my log I just want o do some push-ups just so I feel better about doing something that day. I would want my students to be able to make their own fitness plan and have some knowledge of how to stay healthy. I would make walking goals for each week for everyone in the class to collectively hit a certain number of miles and to have at least everyone contribute to the group so one person isn’t doing all the walking.

What electronic tool could you see as being useful for capturing data and reporting for the Recommended Regent’s Level for LS #1A?  Describe how this tool might work in a High School Setting.  If you plan to use Excel, or Google Forms, be sure to include a sample that can tried out online.

I love the heart rate monitors, especially the Activio software. I think it is a great idea to have the students be able to see their heart rate and see if they are really being active in class. Also I can keep records of how everyone’s heart rate was in the class. I could show students, parents, and administrators graphs and examples of how much activity my students exert in my class.